So where am I today? If I told you Belize, would you know where Belize is on a map? Not surprisingly, most people don’t. Find Mexico and go south and the first country you will find is Belize.

So, why am I in Belize, you may ask? It could be the fact that I ran away from Philadelphia’s wonderful weather. Or it could be the amazing wildlife, outstanding people and to make a difference in the animal world.

So, who am I? As a way of introduction, in addition to my duties at Rhawnhurst and Elkins Park Veterinary Hospitals, I have always been fascinated by wild animals and their ecosystem. I spent almost 15 years caring for zoo animals at the Elmwood Park Zoo. For the last 3 years, I have been on the Board for the Belize Zoo Neotropical Consrcancy (BZNC). BZNC is a US-based non-profit that was started by some colleagues with the mission of raising funds and awareness for the Belize Zoo and the area surrounding it.

So, why am I in Belize? I brought my friends, fellow veterinarians Dr. Sandy MacLeod and Dr. Jen MacLeod. They are amazing specialists that work at VSEC (Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center). Dr. Sandy is a board-certified radiologist and Dr. Jen is a board-certified surgeon.

So why are three veterinarians traveling to Belize? With generous support from our donors, the BZNC recently raised funds to purchase a new ultrasound machine. Today’s mission was to fly down to Belize and deliver the new machine to the Belize Zoo. The three of us will be performing ultrasounds on a variety of animals this week.

Stay tuned for the rest of the story!

Adam G Denish, VMD
Rhawnhurst Animal Hospital
Elkins Park Veterinary Hospital/Kennel
Belize Zoo Neotropical Conservancy (