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Philadelphia Pet Vaccinations

Vaccinating Pets in Philadelphia, Bucks County and Montgomery County

Vaccinations are a critical part of preventative care for your pet. Vaccines protect our pets from many diseases, from rabies and distemper to Lyme disease. Every pet is different, so our veterinarians develop custom vaccination plans for each patient. Our veterinarians will determine which vaccinations your pet needs and how often they will be administered.

If your pet in Philadelphia needs to be vaccinated, do not hesitate to reach out and schedule an appointment with Rhawnhurst Animal Hospital. Our team is happy to review your pet’s medical records and vaccine history to determine which vaccines your pet needs.

Vaccinations for Dogs

All dogs must be vaccinated for rabies as required by Pennsylvania state law. We also vaccinate all dogs in our practice for distemper and parvo. Because Eastern Pennsylvania has one of the highest rates of Lyme disease in the United States, we also vaccinate for Lyme disease. Finally, if your pet goes to the groomer, the kennel, or obedience classes, we may recommend the kennel cough and canine flu vaccines for your dog.

Puppy Vaccination Schedule

Remember to call your veterinarian the moment you take your puppy home with you. It's important that they receive the necessary vaccinations to keep them healthy over time. Generally, puppies receive shots every few weeks during their first few months of life. These shots will prevent them from picking up illnesses from older, vaccinated animals. Contact us to create your puppy's vaccination schedule.

Vaccinations for Cats

Just like dogs, all cats in Pennsylvania are required by law to be vaccinated for rabies. All cats in our practice are also vaccinated for upper respiratory disease viruses. Our veterinarians will discuss with you if your cat also requires the feline leukemia vaccine.

Is it time to get your pet vaccinated in Philadelphia, Bucks County and Montgomery County? Schedule an appointment with Rhawnhurst Animal Hospital by calling (215) 883-8286.

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