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Pet Wellness Examinations in Rhawnhurst

Preventative Care for Pets in Philadelphia, Bucks County and Montgomery County

At Rhawnhurst Animal Hospital, we believe in the power of preventative pet care. By bringing your pet in for routine wellness checkups, you can ensure that they remain happy and healthy day in and day out. Our veterinarians are extremely thorough during wellness appointments and take the time to make sure you have everything you need to maintain your pet’s health and well-being.

Schedule a wellness exam for your pet in Philadelphia, Bucks County and Montgomery County by calling Rhawnhurst Animal Hospital at (215) 883-8286.

What to Expect from a Wellness Exam at Rhawnhurst Animal Hospital

Wellness exams should be scheduled annually – or possibly more frequently if your pet is very young, very old, or in poor health – to ensure that your family pet is as healthy as can be. During a wellness exam, we assess your pet’s overall health, review their diet and lifestyle with you, and answer any questions or concerns you bring us. We’ll also perform a head-to-tail physical exam.

This assessment includes:

  • Looking at the eyes, ears, and nose
  • Checking the lymph nodes
  • Assessing your pet’s teeth and gums
  • Evaluating the heart and lungs
  • Checking your pet’s body weight and temperature
  • Evaluate the muscles, spine, and joints
  • Feeling the abdomen to check the internal organs, including the kidneys and liver

After the examination, we’ll carefully document our findings and provide recommendations for any health problems we find or anything you can do to improve your pet’s health.

The Importance of Preventative Care

There are many things you can do to help prevent illness and keep your pet healthy all year long. By helping your pet maintain great health, you can increase their lifespan, treat conditions early before they become worse, and help your pet avoid catching diseases. Overall, preventative care saves you time and money in the long run.

To prevent unnecessary vet visits, we recommend that you:

  • Schedule routine wellness exams
  • Keep up to date with vaccinations
  • Administer any medications that are suggested or prescribed
  • Use flea, tick, and heartworm preventative products
  • Feed your pet a healthy diet
  • Brush your pet’s fur and teeth daily
  • Make sure your pet gets ample exercise
  • Keep your pet well-groomed

Is it time for your pet’s annual wellness exam in Philadelphia, Bucks County and Montgomery County? Contact our team or call us at (215) 883-8286 to schedule yours.

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